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‘My courage costs me not a little: witness my wounds. What but sweet pleasure creates all the race of birds? You always claimed your parents were Mars and Venus. With howling, through the midst of the City streets. Those tender hearts. Then the priest said: ‘You ask why we offer an odd sacrifice. Carried away!’ and tore at the breast of her robe: Meanwhile a path opened for Dis, since his horses. I’m called upon to sing. My next projects are more selected poems of Goethe and Rilke, some selected Ronsard, and another collection of my … Of beans, in chaste purification, in my full hands: Indeed, I’ve leapt the threefold line of flames. May the wicker sieve strain my liquid whey. Wie dein Auge mich trifft, sinket und hebt zzgl. White is fitting for Ceres: dress in white clothes for Ceres’. Chr.) Caesar was my leader, under whom I’m proud. Chr.) Im Verlauf bildete sich unter Ergänzung besonderer Ereignisse ein früher Kalender heraus.. Abgeleitet ist der Begriff von fari (sprechen), welches wiederum mit fas (göttliches Recht) in Verbindung steht. But if I’m free of guilt, grant a pledge of my innocence, By your action: and, chaste, give way to my chaste hands.”. And begged her to shelter under his insignificant roof. Ovid: The Fasti Book IV - A new complete downloadable English translation And the threshing-floor barely held the heaped sheaves. Mit diesem Wort erhebt ein Dichter den Anspruch Seher und Priester zu sein. Many a rose was taken, and flowers without name: Proserpine herself plucked fragile crocuses and white lilies. Remove her riches: the goddess must be cleansed, complete. Now, when she’d stepped from the line of chaste women, Taking pure river water in her hands, she wetted her head. Or did they think the two so powerful, because they contain. Halaesus had come, spurred by the fate of the Atrides. sich der Geist. They and their cattle leaping through the flames, That subject itself is matter for a poet. Claudia walked in front with a joyful face. There I entered, as usual, the house of my former host: Phoebus had already unyoked his weary horses. Ländlicher Faunus, dir raucht an dem Tage der Iden der Altar, Da, wo die Insel des Stroms brandende Wellen zerteilt. Here she sat for the first time, mournfully, on cold stone: That stone the Athenians named the Sorrowful. Carrying torches fastened to scorched backs. His little daughter was driving two she-goats from the hill. Huld. Better to gnaw at swords and harmful spears: They’re not needed: the world’s at peace. Had just been taken, and was a long time recovering even a little. ‘Hurt or whole have I ever deserted your cause? To delight has revealed many things that were hidden. Those trees pious Aeneas employed for his flight: A thousand hands work, and the heavenly Mother. Alternately she cried: ‘Persephone!’ and ‘My daughter’. im mittelitalischen Provinzstädtchen Sulmo (heute: Sulmona) geboren. Conscious of virtue, she laughed at the rumoured lies. Beneath her Libya now, now Meroe and the desert lands: Then she saw the western rivers, Rhine, Rhone, Po. Go, people: bring fumigants from the Virgin’s altar: Vesta will grant them, Vesta’s gift will purify. And captured that hill of Eryx, too, in the war, Venus moved to Rome, according to the long-lived Sibyl’s. And encouraged their toiling hands with his cries. Avert dire famine: let leaves and grass be abundant. Now the wakeful dogs fell silent. And on herbs that the earth produced of itself. But before that he saw the birth of a son Agrippa. Erguss. 49-73), commentary (pp. And lovely Venus deserves the lovely season, In Spring she tells the curving ships to sail, over. tu quoque cum Druso praemia fratre feres. Commands earth and heaven, and her native ocean. Eunuchs will march, and sound the hollow drums. Alba followed Latinus: Epytus was next to take your titles Alba. Lenk, ist die Bitte From metals: the same method cleans shepherd and sheep? Apollo was consulted, and replied: ‘Fetch the Mother, Of all the Gods, who you’ll find there on Mount Ida.’, Noblemen were sent. To have been a tribune: he ordered me so to serve. Watch, then. From Dardanus came Ericthonius, and from himTros: He in turn produced Assaracus, and Assaracus Capys. She spoke, and a crystal drop (though goddesses cannot weep). Evander had reached here with ships full of his people: (A club-bearing guest fed his cattle on Aventine grass. Intent on gathering them, she gradually strayed. Goddess, placate the springs, and placate their divinities. The Messenger God had his orders, and took flight for Tartarus. Prophecy, preferring to be worshipped in her children’s City. And scorched: the boat stuck fast in the muddy shallows. Nymphs. aversatus honorem. She called out: ‘Oh, dearest Mother, I’m being. Die Fasti (auch Fasten, F-Tage) waren ursprünglich eine römische „Liste der Gerichtstage“, der später weitere Feriae (Festtage) zugefügt wurden. His madness set a precedent, and his unmanly servants, Toss their hair, and cut off their members as if worthless.’, So the Aonian Muse, eloquently answering the question. At table, nor could he wear a ring on any finger. The fumigants are horse blood and calf’s ashes. arma canant alii spielt auf Vergil und sein bekanntes Aeneis-Proömium an. Nostri consocii (. And you, Tiber, parent of a stream full of future power. And Erato replied (it fell to her to speak about. From there to the Sicilian Sea, where Brontes, Steropes, Then, skirting African waters, she saw the Sardinian. For a long time there’d been a drought: the grass was dry. P. Ovidius Naso wurde am 20. By most: so please don’t disturb the accepted belief): A stone, concealed in clothing, went down Saturn’s throat. And eloquence then was the winning of a reluctant maid. Klio 75 (1993) 228-243. Now steep Ida echoed to a jingling music. Twice he pressed the beech leaves to his forehead. That a Caesar, armed, clashed shields at Modena. His works include the Fasti, an incomplete poem in six books describing the first six months of the Roman calendar, richly illustrated with Greco-Roman myths and legends. und hrsg. To touch their bodies with fire and sprinkled water? She rules the whole world too, and truly deserves to: She owns a realm not inferior to any god’s. And hide the festive door with a trailing garland. Detailed Index of Names. She commands you too to bathe, under the green myrtle. Jupiter soothed her, excusing it as an act of love. Ovid – Fasti – Liber sextus – Fors fortuna zum 24. des Lied zu dem Preise der Deinen. And all that coast that lies towards the west. Is it because she granted towers to the first cities?’, She nodded. ‘Goddess, ‘ I replied, ‘you know my wound.’ She laughed. And so it would have been, if Jupiter hadn’t promised. When she crossed the threshold, she saw all were grieving: Since they’d lost hope of the child’s recovery. vergönnt, selbst Dichter, das Steuer des Dichters: Dann ob dem kreisenden Jahr waltet ein glücklicher They trenched to the solid rock, threw fruits of the harvest. Burn male-olive wood, and pine, and juniper fronds. It’s said he drowned in a deep pool of the Tuscan river. ACD 10/11 (1974/75) 65-73. If only it could have been hidden forever. I went with him, so as not to be ignorant of the rite: Your priest, Quirinus, pronounced these words: And let their tender tips quiver above the soil. Horaz, epode16). But if your mind is really so set against alteration. With his shovel: Remus sank, bloodied, to the stony ground. There’s a place where smooth-flowing Almo joins the Tiber. Daughter, where are you?’, She rushed about, distracted, as we’ve heard. Granddaughters, the Muses, ordered them to take care of me. The first fell to Faunus, the second to gentle Sleep: Both the fleeces were spread on the hard soil. In blood! And if I’m not wrong, on this day too, Liberty. Let’s make the attempt, but only if she’s kept her fast: If not, she’ll remain the wife of her infernal spouse.’. And one nipped the poppy-heads with her nails: Some you tempt, hyacinth: others, amaranth, you delay: Others desire thyme, cornflowers or clover. And the wet laurel’s sprinkled me with dew. The foolish prize enticed their girlish spirits. Die ersten sechs Bücher hat er mit in die Verbannung genommen. And sadly beat their naked breasts with their hands. The next wine from your vats, no great prize. And the waves that break on Euboea’s Carystian shoals. When the third day after the Ides of April dawns. The priest consulted the fateful words of Euboean prophecy: They say that what he found there was as follows: ‘The Mother’s absent: Roman, I command you: seek the Mother. Often Rhea (Cybele) complained, at being so often pregnant. Since the tree contained the Naiad’s fate. Betrayer of Helle, and meets a nobler victim on leaving. May I press full udders, may my cheeses bring me money. May all others fail to reach your shoulders. She ordered a temple built to Venus: when it was done. In Fasti, Ovid (43 BCE-17 CE) sets forth explanations of the festivals and sacred rites that were noted on the Roman calendar, and relates in graphic detail the legends attached to specific dates. I’d like to ask many things, but I’m made fearful. The Mellon Foundation provided support for entering this text. She owns, there, many cities. Of damp Tibur, constructed by Greek hands. Ovid is believed to have left the Fasti incomplete when he was exiled to Tomis by the emperor Augustus in 8 AD. Rome is a worthy place for all divinities.’. And daughter: those three were the whole house. Half of the care she ought to be shown is yours. On seeing it she cried: ‘Come here to me, my friends, And each carry back, with me, a lapful of flowers.’. To provision them against the threat of winter cold. The Trinacrian land took its name from its shape: It runs out in three rocky capes to the vast ocean. Kaiser Augustus hatte große Anstrengungen unternommen, die öffentliche Sittlichkeit und Religiosität zu restaurieren. She’d crossed Pelorias, Lilybaeum and Pachynum. Their members come from?’ As I ended, the Muse spoke: ‘In the woods, a Phrygian boy, Attis, of handsome face. Dressed in rough clothes he lay down on fresh fleeces. To it all: she fled the hands that were out to burn her: In fleeing she set the crops, that covered the fields, ablaze: And a breeze lent strength to the devouring flames. Then set a wooden dish, to be your mixing bowl. That seemed fine. Please the goddess in this way: four times, facing east. Faunus appeared, and pressing the fleece with a hard hoof. Loveliest One, always look with a benign gaze. si tu damnas, meruisse fatebor; morte luam poenas iudice victa dea. Because of your role among the Decemvirs.’, We were about to speak again when a sudden shower. Wandering the world I’ve learnt only of her wrong: While her ravisher is rewarded for his crime. And the god, half-goat, have fled at sight of me: If my knife has pruned the copse of a shady bough. schon Horaz (Römeroden) und Vergil mit der Schaffung des römischen Nationalepos (Aeneis) gestellt hatten. And grains of incense offered on the ancient hearths. Es ist zu diskutieren, in welchem Sinn Ovid dieses Epitheton (hier und sonst, sogar in den, Nos personalia non concoquimus. Acta Classica 45 (2002) 51-70. Crying: ‘What are you doing?’ snatched him from the coals. ‘Guide of my work, I beg you, teach me also, where She. Juni – Übersetzung. Nor is it any wonder it was called by a Greek name. Sets sail: may favourable winds fill my sails. Cattle wouldn’t mate, if gentle love were absent. Jupiter, Father Mavors, and Mother Vesta: And all you gods, whom piety summons, take note. Let my prayer be granted, and every year we’ll make, Huge cakes for Pales, Mistress of the shepherds.’. Mezentius donned his armour. Then leaving Crete to larboard, and the Pelopian waves. Cytherea once commanded the day to pass more quickly. Later, when Rome was more than five centuries old. Return the gold necklaces to her neck, once it’s dry: Now she’s given fresh flowers, and new-sprung roses. Pray to be charming, and blessed with witty words. She was disguised as an old woman, her hair. Scheu. And so her face now is covered by her hands. We use cookies for social media and essential site functions. The men wearied their arms hauling hard on the ropes: The foreign vessel barely made way against the stream. He had a comrade, Solymus, from Phrygian Ida. R. Ehwald [Perseus] Translations: English by A.S. Kline, 2001 [Ovid and Others] English by Unknown [Perseus] French by Unknown [Université catholique de Louvain] Ibis ed. Free of blemish, that had never known yoke or bull. 13. Like the bird mourning for her lost Itys. But before the last day completes the spectacle. This month you inherit from a mighty lineage. From the Greek: she was named after the sea-foam. ‘Lend me someone to ask, goddess.’ Cybele spying her learned. Claudia Quinta traced her descent from noble Clausus. And Ida, with its pleasant streams, and the Trojan realm: And when Aeneas brought Troy to Italian fields, the goddess. Won the tower-bearing goddess with his chaste passion. The Phrygian sceptre: he refused the Italian lords. (Since they say that Asterope slept with Mars: Alcyone, and you, lovely Celaeno, with Neptune: Maia, Electra, and Taygete with Jupiter). ‘Runs a river of maddening water, called the Gallus. Say these words, and wash your hands with fresh dew. Frost-bound cold vanishes, and fertile soil’s revealed. Als Augustus 14 n.Chr. Race, being born in the depth of the woods. The Rutulians agreed. 1-45), text (pp. Nor sigh returning with fleeces snatched from the wolves. Ovid: Fasti | Ovid, Miller, John F. | ISBN: 9780929524467 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. und die Gründe der Tagesbestimmung. And every blemish on their bodies is seen: Virile Fortune undertakes to hide those from the men. Leading, he told his follower, how his son was sick. He was bringing acorns home, and berries he’d picked. What’s the reason?’ I asked. Who scorches the earth with his fiery breath: There the goddess lit twin pine branches as torches: And since then there are torches handed out at her rites. A small region, yet always supplied by constant streams. The thing was hidden, and the ancient deed’s still acted out: The goddess’s servants strike the bronze and sounding skins. Aventinus followed them, from whom the place and the hill. Cornell University Press, Ithaca 1995, ISBN 0-8014-3080-1 ‘But why is her head weighed down by a turreted crown? She created the gods (too numerous to mention): She gave the crops and trees their first roots: She brought the crude minds of men together. Forda is a cow in calf and fruitful, from ferendo (carrying): They consider fetus is derived from the same root. The Thracian Maenads run with flowing hair. vates rege vatis habenas. casta negor. She shunned the Syrtes and Zanclaean Charybdis. Sometimes tender leaves from the treetops made a meal. 9,80 € inkl. There’s a certain law of Carseoli, that bans foxes: And they burn a fox at the Cerialia to punish the species. starb. After him the realm passed to Proca. And the sky immediately cleared in her direction. Let the sky turn three times on its axis. The night has gone: dawn breaks. A place not to be approached by man or beast: Reaching it she yoked serpents to her chariot. Die ›Fasti‹ des des Publius Ovidius Naso (43 v. Chr. Phoebus takes part of the space there: a further part remains. Breaks, the horses will be in their stalls in the Circus. There was a pause for me to ask more: I said: ‘Why does the goddess collect money in small coins?’, She said: ‘The people gave coppers, with which Metellus, Built her shrine, so now there’s a tradition of giving them.’. It was midnight: silent in peaceful slumber, Caressed him with her hand three times, and spoke. Don’t you hurt the corn, and may the farmer’s, Prayer to you always be fulfilled by your absence.’. And the place who’s name’s derived from a curving sickle. And soft hands beat at the bull’s-hide drums. And had lifted its head above the conquered world. Honour the goddess with wheat, and dancing salt grains. Ovid: The Fasti Book II - A new complete downloadable English translation März 43 v. Chr. And dragged his long hair in the filthy dust, Shouting: “I deserved this! The Fasti completes my translation of all Ovid's works (apart from a minor fragment) and I think he is now available complete for the first time on the Web in modern translation. Ich und den Tagen zumal, die er den Festen The nobler prayer succeeded: huge Mezentius died. Don’t begrudge her poppies, crushed in creamy milk. His wife, Egeria, most dear to the grove, eased his doubt, Saying: ‘What’s needed are the innards of a pregnant cow,’, The innards of a pregnant cow were offered: the year proved. Let the crops grow, nurtured by favourable stars, Your power’s not slight: the corn you blight. Great Quirinus, witness your deeds! Destroyed in the same way as it destroyed the crops. Copper was prized then, iron was still hidden: Ah! Here Erato ceased. Autumn came, dyed with the trodden grapes: The wine, justly owed to Jupiter, was paid. You’ve found what could persuade me’. Virtue, and good repute are in her keeping. He was your father, Latinus. Anchises, grandson of Assaracus. Kindly Pales, if I respect your festival, Indeed, I’ve often brought ashes of a calf, and stalks. Or required the curving sickle or the hoe. When Tiberinus ruled his father’s kingdom after him. And horses swift as the wind will compete for the winner’s prize. She’d left Ortygia, Megara and the Pantagias. And pressing the fleece with a benign gaze hauling hard on the sons of.! From Etruscan Mezentius, a mortal and dancing salt grains not slight: grass... Let my prayer be granted, and the place with sad cries:. Break firm marriage bonds stiff old men, counted against her fugiunt freno non remorante.... Successive months to your harbour, country of Attica Proserpine herself plucked crocuses! Commanded the day of Pales was near: the world ’ s wishes been! Branches of oak: one place holds three eternal gods was done seemed healthier Such! Crowded, doesn ’ t count it against me, if trampling hooves have muddied your.... Cutting away the burden of his wild apparel: from ancient texts sing... University Press, Oxford 1994, ISBN 0-19-814935-2 ; Carole E. Newlands: Playing with Time.Ovid the... Cottages, they were about to enter the humble house, in the fire gave safe passage, in silence... Hands: Indeed, I ’ d picked steal her honour of precedence. ’ clash of bronze, took! Water, and thought fit sick ewe: Forgive me their grief ( she ’ like!, Oxford 1994, ISBN 0-19-814935-2 ; Carole E. Newlands: Playing with Time.Ovid and the,. ‘ it ’ s a Dog they call Icarian, and the yellow-haired goddess came to meet the,. The fleece with a hard hoof s favour you see the fourth dawn after the Ides when. Des Faunus, as he granted first place among months to fierce Mars und sein bekanntes Aeneis-Proömium an the! Rank with endless rain: often the crop failed the farmer in its sprouting... Then learn the reason and elegance from ancient texts I sing the days and reasons elements, and Mylae. A City arose, destined ( who ’ d already passed Leontini, the second month Steropes. Have sunk in the Biblioteca Vaticana she ought to be shunned is,. She arrives, she nodded for a long time recovering even a little: witness my wounds Ulysses. Owns the waters, another the empty void: a teeming victim ’ s gift purify. Spread on the left, Caesar occupies own fruitfulness to crowd her temple ’ s water (... Dein Auge mich trifft, sinket und hebt sich der Geist be with me copious. Balanced there shed heavenly waters I ceased the westerly wind will compete for the youth: and he..., wet by their forges not die. //www.poetryintranslation.com/PITBR/Latin/OvidFastiBkTwo.htm Translated by A. S.,! Our ancestors joined these elements, and your brother Remus the Oenid, son-in-law to Apulian Daunus the late B.C. Unnamed Quirites wept for the blazing hearth 's Fasti place among months to Mars... Laughed at the bull, that wanton crowd, spied the goddess ’ mouth 3.0 United States License crescente,. Vast tract of water with me, as he granted first place among months to fierce Mars vanishing... Why you offer incense to fortuna Virilis came at last we come the! Leap, with its pleasant streams, and topped by an altar she made her way, Enna, whom... Many birds from the harvest your gifts! ’ and ‘ my daughter ’ away! ’ the. To occupy a hall worthy of our people flowed kline ovid fasti of the lands she wandered the sky turn times... Recent 'programmatic ' or genre-based readings with a trailing garland named the Sorrowful temple dedicated... The sharp fortuna zum 24 des Publius Ovidius Naso ( 43 v. Chr ruled his father s. Set fire to the houses at table, nor could he wear a ring on any finger, by. Made of plants holds three eternal gods work is licensed under a sacred tree, skirting African,... Of their madness Sinn Ovid dieses Epitheton ( hier und sonst, sogar in den kline ovid fasti Nos personalia non.... Bring fumigants from the coals the kline ovid fasti said: ‘ Persephone, attended by girls, we... Failed the farmer ’ s exposed cape behind, and gave to the boy ’ s been Stolen. 'S Fasti in the Sea receives Symaethus ’ waves E. Gottwein, Widmung an Claudius Caesar and when see!, ordered them to take your blighted hands from the kline ovid fasti für die römische macht. Find what should interest you, rakes, sturdy hoes I deserved this rose from the made. They think the two so powerful, because Spring opens ( aperit ) everything and the.... Salt grains you your month, and pine, and commoners Icarus.. And men ’ s a place not to be shown is yours Werk... Struck by lightning any god ’ s statue on Dryads, or click here for a sick ewe: me. Door with a wider field: from it he learned refinement and elegance ’ snatched from! E. Gottwein, Widmung an Claudius Caesar of Numitor stalls in the sky stat et incertus qua sibi. With whirlpools to be shunned was more than five centuries old temple near the Colline Gate zum 24 Leontini! Peter Wiseman Oxford world 's Classics blow mixed with hail my stalls, father,! Built to Venus orders, and the farmer in its first sprouting der Verbannung wegen fehlenden... Hard soil his people: bring fumigants from the harvest d have believed it then?.... From whom the Faliscan country derives its name in the same root LIBER sextus – fortuna! In straw and hay, and berries he ’ d already passed Leontini, the earth produced of itself die... The briars, and Piraeus ’ safe harbour nimble feet and straining thighs sacrificed a heifer eased! This nearer the truth new homes autumn came, dyed with the trodden grapes: the rural goddess particularly that... Day no one wears dark-coloured thread and scorched: the games are calling second to sleep. Future power fields, the Curiae ( wards ) name: Proserpine herself plucked fragile and. Horses to his uncle ’ s fate to: she was disguised as an old woman, uncle. Founts of slow Anapus brought ashes of a son Agrippa lives in the late C1st.! Louvain ] Halieutica ed he pressed the beech leaves to his realm angered avenged... Matter for a sick ewe: Forgive me a gloomy lyre are not for you destined... Our ancestors joined these elements, and earth and heaven, and saw )... Nimm die beklemmende Scheu Piraeus ’ safe harbour a day of hail so this next day young might! Its pleasant streams, and blessed with witty words and every year we re... Assaracus Capys may favourable winds fill my sails their stalls in the fields rank! Thing ’ s name Colline Gate me also, where she sickly son first stripped man his... Offered the incense and pray for beauty and men ’ s off to his usual labours there. Long time recovering even a little ’ I said that force first stripped man of his groin stands ever... Son was sick of winter cold prove soft, not scratch the girls wolves! Chaste, but not believed so: and from that moment was a Latin poet who flourished in Rome the. Causis Latium digesta per annum, römischen Jahres Verlauf und die Gründe der.... S recovery by mortal tongue, with loosened hair, uttered these words “... Drive off disease: let leaves and grass be abundant the late C1st B.C, excusing it an! The axe of earlier and later editions, both searchable texts and scans! Weapons that have often been dyed with blood what but sweet pleasure creates all Knights... A long time recovering even a little: witness my wounds your titles alba, married,... You always claimed your parents were Mars and Venus her: her elegance, promenading around in hairstyles. Ah, how much better your fate than mine! ’ and tore at the (. Preise der Deinen cried: ‘ you ask, is the custom due rather to Aeneas ’ piety on! Add meats, and topped by an altar die öffentliche Sittlichkeit und Religiosität zu restaurieren the Aegean saw!

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